Muhu Island Getaway: Embrace Serenity at MUhuSI Hotel

Experience the Muhu Island getaway at MUhuSI Hotel, where peace and silence reign on this mythical island. Immerse yourself in the unique nature and archaic village of Igaküla. When you’re searching for a non-touristy, authentic getaway experience, look no further. Muhusi is the fusion of fresh creative thoughts and the slow-life concept, providing a tranquil haven for solo travelers and couples alike.

Escape to the Tranquil Oasis of Muhu Island with a Stay at Muhusi Hotel

Muhu Island, Estonia – Are you craving a peaceful getaway in Summer in the midst of nature’s beauty? Look no further than Muhu Island, an enchanting destination in Estonia as we start our season from mid June. Nestled in this idyllic island is Muhusi, a charming small hotel that offers a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.

Located in the picturesque village of Igaküla, Muhusi Hotel boasts stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the fisherman village close by. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, this family-owned hotel provides a warm and personalized experience, ensuring guests feel right at home during their stay. Book your holiday sooner the better. Why muhusi? You will have tailormade holiday with tea ceremony, bike rides, fresh local fish and a walk over the water to the mysterious island Kõinastu nearby.

Muhusi Hotel: Your Home Away from Home

With its convenient location, Muhu Island is an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in natural beauty, culture, and history. Steeped in folklore and traditions, the island offers a rich tapestry of experiences for visitors. From exploring ancient ruins to discovering pristine beaches, there is something for everyone in this hidden gem of an island.

For travelers looking to experience the best of Muhu Island, the experts at Muhusi Hotel recommend booking your holiday between mid June and September. During these months, the island experiences the perfect blend of pleasant weather and rejuvenating nature. Whether you wish to explore the scenic countryside, indulge in outdoor activities, or simply unwind on the serene beaches, the summer season offers an array of opportunities to make magical memories

Tailored Packages for an Enhanced Experience

To enhance your Muhu Island experience, Muhusi Hotel curates a range of tailored packages for guests. These packages include options for spa and wellness treatments, outdoor excursions, and leisurely bike rides around the island. In addition, the hotel’s exquisite on-site restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience, serving locally sourced ingredients and mouthwatering traditional dishes.

A Warm Welcome to Muhusi Hotel

We are delighted to welcome guests to Muhusi Hotel, where they can enjoy a truly authentic and tranquil experience on Muhu Island,” says the hostess of the most fine-tuned hotel in Muhu. Our dedicated family is committed to ensuring our guests have a memorable stay, leaving with a renewed sense of serenity and a deep appreciation for the island’s natural beauty.

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A windmill. Muhu Island getaway. Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla
A kayak. Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla
Muhu Island getaway: Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla
Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla
Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla
Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla

What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

"Muhusi is like an exotic fruit that offers you its flavour and taste only when you know, how to open it."
Muhusi Hotel located in the picturesque village of Igaküla
Erkki, Haani Creative Hut
"Great vegan breakfast on request with local hetbs and ingredients. Silence at nights, beautiful starry nights -no light pollution- enjoyed from the hottub. Very charming host making me feel welcome. The host tipped us for great hidden restaurant on the island. We could take bikes and kanoes for daytrips but we chose paddleboard, that we rented nearby. Wading trip through shallow water to a beautiful island as recommended by host was a great idea. Muhu is a sweet island! I recommend Muhusi to the couples!"
Johan van Dyck
"Me and my wife were so deep into Muhu nature that we even forgot to charge our phones for 3 days. We took the complimentary bikes and made a circle around the island. Haven't had such a connection with my wife and nature for years. It was our 3. time in Estonia and definitely not the last time in Muhusi."
couple, sundown, field-6705694.jpg
Patrick Hase
"Muhusi is a wonderful oasis in the embrace of nature. We enjoyed the peace and just hanging around the surrounding. And the tea ceremony with our hostess brought smile to our face."
Bella Skalkina